Bouchons Sagrera. Partenaire du champagne depuis 1879. Depuis plus de 135 ans, Sagrera s'est positionnée comme une des principales références dans le bouchage du champagne. L'entreprise est devenue le fournisseur des vignerons champenois, de maisons de prestige en Champagne et à l'international.

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Agglomerate  cork stopper for champagne with two natural cork discs at one of the ends. Body manufactured by individual moulding and 6 mm discs.
Agglomerate cork stopper for champagne with three discs at one of the ends. Body manufactured by individual moulding and 9 mm discs.
Microagglomerate cork stopper for champagne, manufactured by individual moulding with 1 to 2 mm cork particles.
Microagglomerate cork stopper for wine, manufactured by individual moulding with 0.5 to 2 mm cork particles. The range comes in three different levels of permeability to oxygen.

"Attentive to our costumers and their needs, we have developed new forms of  corking and offer a wide range of products to suit individual requirements."


Sagrera offers a wide and comprehensive range of natural corks adapted to each type of wine and the specific needs of each cellar.

> A range of traditional corks made of agglomerate cork and two discs of natural cork.
Our supply management and our meticulous sorting methods give our customers a wide choice of quality: from the standard first grade to the premium quality cork. What’s more, each of these products comes in different diameters and chamfers.
For the most prestigious or very limited vintages, our Jumbo, a traditional cork with 3 discs, will be ideal, working with the wine as it ages over time.

> A range of technical corks implementing the latest innovations.
The Compac, a new generation cork, made of micro-granules. This development within the group has given us the benefit of advanced technology in extracting undesirable aromatic compounds.  This process, recognised and approved by the whole industry, ensures optimum organoleptic safety for each cork we make and greater regularity in oxygen exchange. We aim to adapt each cork to the oxygen exchange requirements of each oenologist. This new product range has had an excellent reception in the main wine producing regions worldwide.

The C-Wine range benefits from the same treatment and combines safety and technology for corking still wines.

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