Bouchons Sagrera. Partenaire du champagne depuis 1879. Depuis plus de 135 ans, Sagrera s'est positionnée comme une des principales références dans le bouchage du champagne. L'entreprise est devenue le fournisseur des vignerons champenois, de maisons de prestige en Champagne et à l'international.

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The structure of our group gives us access to the best cork oak forests, so we can choose the best quality raw material. Because we allow the cork to rest for at least six months before the transformation process, our finished product is of excellent quality.

From when the cork is harvested to when the product is delivered to the cellars, the raw material we use undergoes strict supervision via a computerised traceability system that allows us to monitor all the batches from forest to bottle. Each stage in the production process instantly records all the movements in terms of quality and quantity, thereby ensuring a solid control system for the production line for a rapid and effective monitoring of all our production.

Sagrera is part and parcel of this traceability system which combines tradition with technology and a customised service.

Sagrera & CiE

4, Rue Pré Breda 51530 Mardeuil FRANCE
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